This blog is dedicated to hot men that I personally find attractive and would love to fuck. I do post things that are not pornographic in nature but still hot as well. Yes there is yaoi and dirty cartoon-ish porn on here as well but I know some people are into that. All photographs are of people who are of 18+ age at the time of the photo being taken.

If you see a photo of yourself on here and want it removed just politely message me and I will do so. I try to tag and give credit to every photo. If there is a photo of you on here and you would like it removed please just message me and I will gladly remove it. Anyways happy cumming ;)

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Soooo I've been following you for a while. I love your stuff, always gets the job done ;). Anyways, I'm thinking of starting a collection of my own gay porn on my tumblr... Any tips? advice on how to gain followers and such? Id love any bit of info you could give me!! :D

Just tag your posts accurately and keep a nice variety of content going. Everyone loves porn for the most part so it won’t be hard. Also good captions help. Whether they be really dirty or really creative, people like seeing and reading things they haven’t looked at before.

I love your blog and fuck those trashy ppl they have no class

No class and no ass

Why are you getting all this hate??? I fail to see what you did wrong.....

I get hate on a somewhat regular basis. Doesn’t really bother me. gives me a chance to use the gifs in my folder.

I'd totally be your boyfriend, but I'm like a total total bottom hahaha <3 you should kik me sometime, maybe we can chat!

Lol why would being a bottom being a problem lol :P im a top

Really bitches? Telling me to kill myself :P are we sad, angry, and 15? :P should have sent that shit like 8 years ago when I was actually suicidal. It might have actually worked. But not now, that bus is gone :P I’m here to stay and destroy assholes.


I really need to start working out again… and I need my tan back

I&#8217;d fuck him


I really need to start working out again… and I need my tan back

I’d fuck him

@MarcusMojo stroking

@MarcusMojo stroking

If life is so lonely and unbearable for you why not just kill yourself?

Because after being celibate for so long the Powers that Be granted me and my dick immortality. We are forever. I am immortal.

Sunday, July 27, 2014
The last anon is just an asshole i believe you deserve a caring and beautiful boyfriend

Oh sweetie like I care. But thank you :)

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