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Oddly the song that we kissed the most passionately to was the song “The One That Got Away” by Katy Perry. We just got into things and it was just so intense and passionate…loved every moment of it. Felt like he was on me forever. His moans as I kissed his neck and stroked his hair were so divine.

Just going to vent

I said goodbye to my ex tonight. He leaves for New York next week and isn’t coming back. It was nice to get some closure. He cried on my shoulder and let every bit of the pain out. He wasn’t a bad boyfriend but he had a lot of things to fix and didn’t want to involve me in all of that and I understood which is why we broke up. We had a rocky relationship during that time, and his brother passing away didn’t make it any easier. But getting to have dinner with him, hugging him and kissing him one last time made use feel better. We love each other. We want success and happiness for the other. I’ve got closure now, questions have been answered and now we can move on :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I could watch Johnny Rapid scenes all damn day. Such a hot little bottom fuck he is ;)

I gained an insane amount of Instagram followers for my personal account

Though a lot of them are either “fake” or random latino boys

HI, so what do you think happened that made 300 + to your blog last night?

I have no idea

I gained 300 followers last night


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